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Publish Date: 14 April 2022


Resumption of public worship services and group activities in Hong Kong

The HKSAR Government has announced that the relaxation of Covid-related social distancing measures is to take from 21 April 2022. In this connection, the House of Bishops has announced the following arrangements for the churches situate in Hong Kong:

1. All public worship services (including weekday, Saturday, and Sunday services), wedding services, and group activities are to be resumed effective from 21 April 2022.

2. All staff and attendees of a church should comply with the Vaccine Pass requirements.

3. Churches should have arrangements in place to fulfill the duties imposed on them by the Vaccine Pass Direction; in particular, churches have the responsibility to check an attendee’s Covid-19 vaccination record or medical exemption certificate.

4. The number of worshippers in a church should be limited to 50% of the number of persons that may normally be accommodated. Should the need arise, a church may organize extra service(s), and/or make use of its parish hall or an activity room of a bigger size to live stream the service taking place in the church, and arrange for the Body of Christ to be distributed in the same place by the clergy during Communion. In addition, webcast of the service can be provided to allow those who cannot be present at church to participate in the service and to receive Spiritual Communion.

5. Not more than 4 attendees should sit together, and attendees should maintain appropriate physical distancing.

6. Existing infection prevention practices should continue to be followed. For more guidance, the document Health Advice on Prevention of COVID-19 for Religious Assembly (Interim), issued by the Centre for Health Protection, can be consulted.

Any questions regarding the above arrangements should be addressed to the Assistant Provincial Secretary General. Please pay close attention to the issuance of other notices by the House of Bishops or the Provincial Office as situation unfolds.

By order of the House of Bishops

The Revd Kenneth Lau
Assistant Provincial Secretary General
14 April 2022


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