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July 2023
Issue No. 315

In Christ We Serve: A Youth Nurturing Scheme in the Diocese of Western Kowloon


The Diocese of Western Kowloon has chosen ‘In Christ We Serve’ as the theme of this year’s youth nurturing scheme. The event was held from 24th May to 3rd June, and was attended by 13 Form 6 graduands and university students drawn from eight parishes and missionary areas. Guided by the Revd Matthew Lee and the Revd Ryan Cheung, along with assistance from various youth leaders in both planning and running, the participants delved into the social care network of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and explored the relationship between the Christian faith and social work – all leading to a reflection on how the Church and the individual can put into practice the call to service that we, as Christians, have all received. 

The Nurturing Scheme began as the participants moved into the campsite, and studied Prof John L Kater’s Six Marks of Discipleship. Towards the middle, the participants toured different parishes, and attended the Joint Development Day for Parishes, Schools, and Social Services, in order to better understand the ‘Three-Horse Chariot’ concept of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.

The latter half of the Scheme focuses on learning about the social care work carried out by Sheng Kung Hui social service units and parishes. The participants visited the United Court transitional housing estate and the HKSKH Lacy MacLehose Centre, and experienced first-hand how it is to be a volunteer at these service units. They also visited St Thomas’ Church and the social care ministry there. The Scheme concluded with a fellowship lunch shared with Archbishop Andrew Chan, where the participating youth shared with eagerness their ideal vision for the Church. 


Words of Reflection from the participants

This has been a very meaningful year for me. Many things happened: graduated from secondary school, started a part-time job… Joining this Nurturing Scheme helped me reflect on my growth this year, especially in stopping myself from wallowing in a sense of inferiority when meeting strangers, and trying to become more of an extrovert. (Chan Chi Hong, Kei Oi Church) 

After two weeks of spending time together, I not only met a group of similarly aged teenagers who are my companions on the journey of faith, but also visited many social service units operating under the Church. I came to understand how social work can be part of the realisation of the Kingdom of God. We ought to share God’s love with the wider society, and to fulfil our responsibility as good stewards of God’s Grace. (Chow Pui Lok, St Matthias’ Church)

When I first heard that the activities would go on for two weeks, I worried a bit that the Scheme would eat too much into my day job. Now that I’ve gone through the whole thing, I have to say that it is a truly memorable experience. From the campsite to the many social services, the United Court and the Lady MacLehose Centre – all these things taught me the importance of putting theory into practice. I hope that I too can live out the glory of Christ in my own life. (Ting King Yee, St Anne’s Church)

This year’s Western Kowloon Youth Nurturing Scheme focused on the social services of the Church and the Six Marks of Discipleship. These two weeks have been most relieving – I find myself focusing on God alone, as I returned to a place where my spirit can rest. As the Scheme drew to a close, so came the time when we,the youth,can begin our mission of practising discipleship. May we, by Christ and with Christ, become the loyal servants of others around us. (Choy Wing Yan, Crown of Thorns Church) 

I am lucky to have this opportunity to renew my understanding of the Sheng Kung Hui with a group of other teenagers over this summer. I find many of my questions are answered as I went through this Scheme – questions like, ‘Why is it so rare to see Anglican parishioners at Anglican schools and social services?’ ‘Are there any immediate plans to address this?’ I am inspired by this Scheme to further my studies. I hope to read counselling for my masters, and with the knowledge and skills I acquire from it, I wish to serve both ‘myself’ and the Church by putting them to good use. (Lam Chiu Ki, All Saints’ Cathedral)

This year’s Scheme made me all the more aware of Sheng Kung Hui’s ‘Three-Horse Chariot’ approach to its parishes, schools, and social services when it comes to the day-to-day running of the Church. The highlight for me is of course the brilliant three days and two nights we spent at the campsite – all the activities and games were so much fun, and I made great friends as well. I hope to join again next year. (Lee Shing Lam, St Joseph’s Church) 

In just two weeks, I learnt a lot about the practical side of the Church’s ‘Three-Horse Chariot’ and the Six Marks of Discipleship. I met also many teenagers from different parishes, plus we had an inspirational and educational time with the Archbishop as we shared a meal together. I hope we can all remember that: In Christ we Serve. (Lam Ho Ching, St Philip’s Church)

I came in contact first-hand with the humility required in serving others as I visited the social service staff. It made me reflect upon my faith, and learn to live out the spirit of Christ in our modern world – to be the salt and light of this world. (Lee Tsz Ying, Crown of Thorns Church) 

This year’s Scheme has made me start considering this call to serve others – though the weeks-long Scheme is now over, our journey has only just begun. I hope to support all my friends as we walk this path of serving God together. (Wu Man Shun, Church of the Divine Love)

As a believer, attending church is different from going to a clubhouse – we don’t go to church to be served, but rather we are asked to be sent out, and to ‘respond to the needs of the world with loving service.’ This Nurturing Scheme gave me many opportunities to experience the social services organised by the Church, and to see how the Church responds to the needs of our society. It reminds me to serve rather to expect to be served, and it led me to reflect on whether I have been living according to the image of God. It’s not easy being a Christian! (Fung Lok Kan, All Saints’ Cathedral) 

This Scheme really broadened my horizons. The first time when I participated in the social service activities made me realise how much time I spend inside my own comfort zone, not knowing what happens outside my ivory tower. This Scheme helped me reflect upon and adjust my perspective on things. I must also thank the two Revds and all my companions during these weeks. (Kwong Esther, Crown of Thorns Church)


<The above article was published in "Echo" Issue No. 315. Please click here>


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