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May 2023
Issue No. 314

SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service


SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School held its 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service on April 20 at St. James Church. We were honoured to have The Rt Revd. Matthias Der, Bishop of Diocese of Hong Kong Island as the celebrant of the service and The Rt Revd. Dr. Timothy Kwok, Bishop of Diocese of Eastern Kowloon to deliver the sermon. Also, we are pleased to have Father Vincent Chan, Vicar of St. Matthias'' Church to share with us. During the service, Dr. Jane Lee, our school supervisor, Mrs. Julie Ma, our principal, representative of teachers, alumni, parents and students participated as Intercessors to thank God for His grace.

The Rt Revd. Dr. Timothy Kwok mentioned in his sermon that everyone likes to wish others success, but success does not make everyone grow. On the contrary, if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and embrace failures, we will definitely be able to learn and grow from them. He took the coronavirus pandemic as an example. It has killed nearly six million people and seriously affected our lives. We should accept these Heavenly Father’s arrangements peacefully, because how to face the problem is more crucial than the problem itself. There are many things in life that are beyond our control. Sometimes there is fear. We must remind ourselves of Jesus Christ''s virtues when he washed his disciples'' feet of staying humble and willing to accept challenges. Moreover, we have to seek God''s help and cooperate with others. The bible also teaches us to be joyful and thankful at all times. At the end of his sermon, he encouraged us to be grateful for our past, to make our current self stronger, and to be confident of our future self.

Father Vincent, who is also our alumnus, shared his time as a student in our school. He thanked his alma mater for giving him knowledge, wisdom, a family (because his wife is also a former student of our school). He also thanked our school for giving him opportunities to strengthen his faith and to serve the Lord. The school motto, L (Leadership), M (Motivation), and C (Caring), becomes the cornerstone of his life. In the end, Father Vincent hoped that our students would find their own gifts in school just like he did. He also encouraged us not to give up. 

Afterwards, the school supervisor, the principal, alumni, and parent representatives led all in the intercession. The service was ended with the school hymn and a blessing of The Rt Revd. Matthias Der.



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