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January 2023
Issue No. 312

Silver Jubilee celebrations for the Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui


Festivities abound as we enter the year of 2023, when the Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui celebrates the 25th anniversary since its inauguration. We have with us today Dr Jane Lee, chair of the Silver Jubilee celebrations organising committee, to walk us through the planned events this year. 

‘One family in Christ, our Rock,’ and wherever our rock is, there we shall find our home. The Province has thus marked this year’s theme with Rock and Family, in light of the changing times we find ourselves in. With the recent emigration wave, the COVID virus, and conflicts unabating all around the world, none of us in Hong Kong could pretend as if our world is unaffected by the ripples from both near and afar. With the world we find ourselves in, the jubilee organising committee would like to invite all congregants to rethink the importance of our spiritual ‘home’, that unchanging ‘rock’ which braves all inconstancy without wavering. Our Heavenly Father is the eternal lord of us all, and he has built the church as our ‘home’, to provide us with a path back to his loving embrace. It was this thought on homecoming that led to this year’s jubilee theme.

Just as the Parable of the Prodigal Son teaches us, let us all be comforted in remembering that the church is the home that we can always return to, no matter what happens in the world around us. The last three years may have resulted in those who left the body of the church, or perhaps there are those who still are unsure about their faith, but the organising committee hopes that by the many events this year, all can be invited back to our church’s family. For the eternal home is within Christ, and the church’s mission is to make known God’s love to everyone on Earth.

As we begin a new year, let us do so with thanksgiving to God and dedication to our duty as Christians. Bring not only yourselves to these celebratory events, but your friends as well, that we may all return home and find strength and love together within the church. Let us continue praising God and blessing one another, that his grace make be made manifest amongst us all.


Vestry Members’ Retreat and Opening Ceremony of Silver Jubilee Celebrations
15th April, 10 AM, Diocesan Boys’ School

The Silver Jubilee organising committee will be co-organising with the Commission on Theological Education a retreat for all vestry members. All parishes and missionary parishes are invited. The guest speaker will be the Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong, The Most Revd Stephen Chow, who will speak on ‘How the Jesuit tradition can inform lay leaders in discerning and nurturing spirituality’. With many members of the laity gathered for the retreat, the day will also mark the official opening of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. A short film will be screened in which Archbishop Emeritus Peter Kwong will give an account on the story behind the Province’s inauguration, Archbishop Emeritus Paul Kwong will review the Province’s contribution to the Anglican Communion thus far, and Archbishop Andrew Chan will share his views on what is to come for the Province. The organising committee chair Dr Lee will also introduce the upcoming celebratory events scheduled this year.


Conference for Pastoral, Education, and Social Service colleagues
Tuesday 30th May, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM, AsiaWorld-Expo

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A mainstay of the Province’s anniversary celebrations that sees 8000 attending, the Conference has been suspended for the last three years due to COVID. We are fortunate that we will be able to resume this event this year, as it is an important occasion that marks the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui’s dedication to the tripartite services we provide through our parishes, schools, and social service units.

Our guest speaker this year will be The Revd Canon Lin Khee Vun from the Diocese of Sabah, Province of South East Asia. The theme will be the same as the anniversary’s, ‘One family in Christ, our Rock’. The Revd Canon Lin is currently the principal of the Anglican Training Institute of the Malaysian Anglican Church, and is responsible for preparing aspirants in joining the ranks of clergy there. Our Archbishop Andrew Chan has also invited the Revd Canon to hold a talk on nurturing spirituality – details to come as they are finalised.


Silver Jubilee concert
Tuesday 18th July, 8 PM, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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The tradition of liturgical music is no stranger to the Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, and music has always been an inseparable part of our worship. This year’s concert features not only sacred music, but also participation from various schools. Further details of the concert will be available nearer to the date.


Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving Service
Monday 23rd October, 3 PM, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Wanchai

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The core part of our silver jubilee celebrations is our giving thanks to God. This year’s thanksgiving service will be held on the public holiday of Chung Yeung Festival, and the Province invites all to come to lift our eyes to the hills, and sing praises to God. The Queen Elizabeth Stadium can sit a total of 3000 attendees, and this is a service not to be missed.

The date coincides with the Council of the Churches in East Asia’s meeting in Hong Kong, and so we will be joined in service with representatives from all over East Asia. The day will be a celebration not only for us within the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, but members from the wider Anglican Communion as well as we share in our witnessing of God’s grace.


Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving Dinner
Monday 23rd October, 6:30 PM, Ocean Park Marriott Hotel


Provincial Sports Carnival
November, location tbd 

The joint youth commission from our Hong Kong dioceses and Macau missionary area will be organising a Sports Carnival and a Youth Flea Market in addition to the indoors events above. It will be a chance to effect a ‘sending out’ of participants, and to showcase the youthful energy within our church.

That said, participants of all ages are welcome! There will be stalls suitable for all members of the family. With parishes, schools, and various social service units manning different booths on the day, this event is bound to be a colourful reflection of the diverse members of our church.

Dr Lee added that other than the short film for the opening ceremony, a special issue magazine will also be organised for this 25th anniversary.

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