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September 2022
Issue No. 310

Safeguarding Policy: Training seminar at All Saints

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Following the introduction of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Safeguarding Policy, a training seminar was held at All Saints’ Cathedral on 25 June to better prepare each parish in implementing its details. Attending the seminar were clergy, safeguarding officers, and members of the congregation drawn from different parishes in the province.

Leading the talks was the Provincial Safeguarding Coordinator Jennifer Wong, who illustrated the Safeguarding Policy with hypothetical scenarios. As an example, concerning the line ‘ One-on-one unaccompanied contact with children or vulnerable adults should be avoided’, Wong gave the real life situation where a smaller church may, due to its limited size of congregation, have only one adult and one child on the server rota. As a result, it may be unavoidable for that one adult server to be in unaccompanied contact with the child server during pre-service preparations. Wong suggests that certain mitigating measures could be taken, such as keeping the vestry’s doors open, which should lessen the ‘one-on-one’ situation as there should be other adults present in the congregation. The best practices, however, is to have at least two adults present, or one adult and one older teenager together with the child.

Wong stressed the significance of the policy isn’t in the ‘distrust’, but rather the province’s determination to prove by its actions that it can and will build a safe church for the wider public. She expressed her hope that the clergy and parish council members would help our brothers and sisters in facing this challenge. The Safeguarding Policy Committee also printed and distributed four brochures for members of the church to read and understand better the policy: ‘Saying No to Bullying’, ‘Saying No to Sexual Harassment’, ‘Dealing with Child Abuse’, and ‘Guidelines on Children’s Ministries’.
The Safeguarding Policy Committee will be organising similar training seminars for the Eastern Kowloon and Hong Kong Island Dioceses in August and September later this year. Details will be available nearer to the date. For more information regarding the HKSKH Safeguarding Policy, please visit the website

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