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Publish Date: 29 December 2022

Adjustments in anti-epidemic measures

The HKSAR Government announced yesterday that certain anti-epidemic measures would be abolished with effect from today. The following stipulations shall apply to the churches of the Province in Hong Kong:

1. Those who have not received Covid vaccination are allowed to join worship services in person;

2. Staff in parishes and mission churches may decide whether or not to undergo rapid antigen tests depending on their circumstances;

3. Churches may provide Bibles, service orders, and hymnals for parishioners’ communal use;

4. Everyone should wear a mask at all times while in a church, except when receiving Holy Communion or during photo-taking on stage at an event; and

5. If food or drink is supplied in a church activity, one may remove his/her mask only when consuming food or drink at a table, and should keep his/her mask on at other times.

Although the anti-epidemic measures have been relaxed, all persons entering a church are reminded to maintain good personal hygiene, and vicars and priests-in-charge should ensure that their churches and the items therein are properly cleansed and disinfected.

29 December 2022 


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