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Publish Date: 23 December 2022

Christmas Message 2022


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Warm greetings and a merry Christmas to you all.

Christmas is the time when we come to celebrate a most miraculous turning point: it is the time when we celebrate the advent of Jesus Christ, and with his arrival comes the joy, peace, and hope that every nation and every heart on Earth yearns for. Christmas wasn’t just a turning point in our world’s history about two thousand years ago. Christmas is a turning point now, for Christ’s coming is the promise that our sorrow become joy, our despair can become hope, and no matter how far we find ourselves fallen into hatred and conflict, we can find peace.

Joy, hope, and peace – these are the three things that our current world sorely lacks the most. Our world was plunged into sadness as COVID became a pandemic. Not only were lives taken by the virus, but even the living are forced into a routine of separation from others. In our collective loneliness, fear reigned. And immediately afterwards, we are plunged into a world of economic recession. As wars continue and conflicts rage both politically and economically, we are forced to ask: Where is joy? Where is hope? And where is peace?

In this Christmas, let us try to broaden our perspective. Even though the global pandemic is still affecting us, it is much less severe now compared to years ago, and the COVID measures have been recently adjusted in face of that. On the international front, even though we still see ongoing military conflicts and economic manoeuvres, we also see the international efforts in cooperation and easing military tension, and their efforts in building peace are broadcast worldwide. All of these serve as a reminder to us: that even when we face challenges from all sides, we can still invite God to work with us in building a better and blessed world.

And what the arrival of Christ brings us is precisely the road to blessed joy. He does so not by gold, not by oil, not by technology, and not by military, political, or economic conquest, but by God himself becoming flesh today, embracing us within his arms.

A child is born, the prince of peace, and the only thing left for us to do is to welcome him: to welcome Christ’s advent into our hearts, our family, our community, to our nation, and to our world. On this holiest of days, the Christ child has brought us three Christmas gifts: the first gift is faith, to give us strength in facing our changing lives; the second gift is hope, to lend us joy in facing the unknown future; and the third gift is love, to let us conquer all hostilities in this world, and build the true and lasting peace for our world.

Let us make this Christmas to be our own turning point as well! Though it’s true that our society still faces many unresolved disagreements and economic problems, we can still begin our work with ourselves: let us treat others as we treat ourselves with faith, hope, and love. Let us keep the hope that the government, businesses, and citizens can work together, and strive for a society of peace, justice, prosperity, and stability. May our city be filled with joy, peace, and hope, and fulfil the dream of the common well-begin of nation and people, and the great unity of universal peace.

Merry Christmas. 


+ + Andrew Chan 


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