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Publish Date: 30 September 2020

Guidelines on the Resumption of Public Worship Services in Churches in Hong Kong(2020.09.30)

1. A parishioner meeting one of the following conditions should stay at home to pray:

• feeling unwell, especially if having fever or respiratory symptoms;
• having travelled in the past fourteen days;
• a member of his/her household having fever or respiratory symptoms; or
• a member of his/her household being in quarantine at home.

2. Maintain good ventilation within the church. Clean and disinfect pews and related items regularly.

3. Arrange seating in such a way that appropriate physical distancing is observed (e.g., by limiting seating to alternate rows). Standees should not be allowed in order to avoid the gathering of a crowd. The number of worshippers in a church at any instant should be limited to half of the church’s seating capacity.

4. A parishioner entering a church should wear a mask, have his/her temperature checked, and clean hands with handrub. Sidesmen will direct parishioners to their seats. Except for those in the same household, parishioners should be seated at least one metre apart from one another when possible, or be separated by partitions.

5. Abstain from dipping fingers into holy water fonts. Liturgy booklets for common use should not be provided. If necessary, print one-time booklets containing the order of service and/or hymn sheets for the parishioners.

6. Peace is to be exchanged by nodding head or by a fist-and-palm salute.

7. Offerings are not collected during a service. As they enter or leave the church, parishioners may put their offerings in a collection box placed near the entrance.

8. The Blood of Christ consecrated in the Eucharist is consumed by the celebrant alone. Parishioners are to receive the Body of Christ only in the hand and standing. They should sanitize their hands using handrub before receiving Holy Communion and observe appropriate physical distancing when waiting in line.

9. To avoid the gathering of a crowd, parishioners should refrain from social contact as they leave the church after a service. If a parishioner needs to commune with a member of the clergy, this should take place at another location with all parties wearing masks and keeping an appropriate physical distance from each other.

10. Pews and related items should be cleaned and disinfected immediately after a service.

11. Please consult the Health Advice on Prevention of COVID-19 for Religious Assembly (Interim) issued by the Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, for more details on preventive measures.

Provincial Office
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
30 September 2020



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