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Publish Date: 13 February 2020

Information on Live Webcast of Worship Services

The following churches have arranged for their Sunday or weekday worship services to be broadcast live on the internet for those parishioners who cannot take part in person because of the COVID-19

【Diocese of Hong Kong Island】

⛪  St. John's Cathedral Wednesday Sung Eucharist.February 26th)

⛪  St. Stephen's Church(10:30am)

⛪  St. Luke's Church(11:00am)

⛪  St. James' Church(10:00am)

⛪  Holy Nativity Church(10:30am)

⛪  St. Timothy's Church(10:30am)

⛪  St. Paul's Church(11:00am)

⛪  St. Mary's Church


【Diocese of Western Kowloon】

⛪  All Saints' Cathedral(08:00、09:30am)

⛪  Kei Oi Church(11:00am)

⛪  St. Matthias' Church(11:00am)

⛪  The Church of the Epiphany(Saturday:04:00pm、Sunday:08:30、11:30am)

⛪  St. Philip's Church(11:00am)

⛪  Crown of Thorns Church(09:30am)

⛪  The Church of Shalom(10:00am)
⛪  St. Peter's Church,Castle Peak(07:00am)
⛪  St. Thomas' Church

⛪ St. Andrew's Church


【Diocese of Eastern Kowloon】

⛪  Holy Trinity Cathedral(09:00am)香港聖公會聖三一座堂-107967717438482/

⛪  St Titus' Church(10:00am)

⛪  Calvary Church(10:30am)

⛪  St Mark's Church(11:00am)

⛪  Holy Carpenter Church(11:00am)

⛪  St Barnabas' Church(10:30am)

⛪  Church of the Holy Word(11:00am)

⛪  The Church of St John the Baptist(11:00am)

⛪  Kindly Light Church(11:00am)

⛪  Holy Spirit Church(11:00am)

⛪  Holy Wisdom Church(23 February)

⛪  Shatin Anglican Church(10:30am)

⛪  St Augustine's Chapel(10:30am)

⛪  Resurrection Church(10:00am)

⛪  Christ Church


【Missionary Area Of Macau】

⛪  St. Mark's Church, Macau(08:30am)

⛪  St. Paul's Church, Macau(11:00am)聖公會澳門聖保羅堂培育部-112163280308743/

⛪  St. Stephen's Church, Macau(10:30am)

⛪  Morrison Chapel(09:00am)



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