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Publish Date: 24 January 2020

Guideline in response to the Novel Coronavirus

The Government has activated the response level of the epidemic to ‘Serious’, and in order to safeguard the health safety and hygiene of our parishioners and ministers, the following measure are in effect immediately in all parishes/mission churches until further notice.

1. For their own safety and that of others, members of the congregation and ministers who feel unwell or show respiratory symptoms, such as coughing or fever, should not attend Sunday services;

2. Members of the congregation are encouraged to put on masks during services;

3. If needed, windows and doors should be opened, and fans/air conditioning should be switched on in order to keep the church buildings well ventilated;

4. Avoid shaking of hands during the sharing of peace;

5. The celebrant and altar ministers should rub their hands with hand sanitiser before the offering of bread and wine, as well as immediately prior to the distribution of Holy Communion;

6. During the Eucharistic Prayer (except the words of institution), the bread and wine should be covered with purificators until distribution of Holy Communion; these purificators should be changed after each service and washed thoroughly before reuse;

7. In order to avoid cross infection, Holy Communion will be given under one kind only, the Bread, and the Blood of Christ will only be consumed by the celebrant and/or assisting priest;

8. Children's Sunday School will be suspended; adult classes should be handled at the discretion of each parish/mission church.

The above measures are made out of our care for each other. Your understanding is much appreciated as we are trying to maintain the public health safety, as well as the health of both our clergy and the congregation.

Please also pray for all citizens in Hong Kong and Macau, medical personnel and government officials, as well as the speedy recovery of those who are sick.



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