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June 2017
Issue No. 296

There is no boundary in theological research, Bishop Kwok tells Ming Hua graduands

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HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College held its 16th graduation ceremony at St Paul’s Church on 26 February. The Chairman of the College Council, the Most Revd Dr Paul Kwong, presided over the ceremony and awarded degrees and certificates to 102 graduates. Among the graduates, Lee Wai-kwan, was awarded the Master of Theology (Chaplaincy) degree from Cardiff University. Another graduate, Poon Au Suk-ying was awarded the Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) degree from Ming Hua Theological College.

The graduation ceremony was conducted in the order of an evening prayer. The principal, Dr Gareth Jones, first presented to Archbishop Kwong the candidate for the award of the Master of Theology (Chaplaincy) degree on behalf of Cardiff University. Dr Jones then led all the College Faculty members to present to Archbishop Kwong the candidate for the award of the Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) degree and the fourteen graduates of the Clinical Pastoral Education certificate programme. The Revd Dr Lam Chun-wai, the vice principal, then presented the candidates for the award of certificates under the various lay theology programmes. Scholarships were also presented at the ceremony.

In his sermon, the Rt Revd Dr Timothy Kwok expressed that he was thankful and joyful at seeing so many graduates completing their studies in the different disciplines. In recent years, the College had replaced the “commencement ceremony” with the “graduation ceremony”. Bishop Kwok pointed out that although both ceremonies signify that students have completed their studies and will receive their certificates or degrees, the two ceremonies have their differences. Commencement is a ceremony chaired by the chancellor where graduates share with their family and friends the fruit of their studies; the emphasis is on the share of joy in their achievement. As for graduation, it requires the students not only to have accomplished their academic requirements but also to have fulfilled their responsibilities to their schools.

Bishop Kwok said that the students had officially graduated and were awarded the certificates and degrees they deserved. However this only marked the completion of their studies at the theological college; they will never graduate in the Word of God because biblical study and the practice of pastoral care has no completion day.

He also said that he did not know what posts God had arranged for the students after their graduation. What he firmly believed was that God would lead them to a new beginning, and he hoped that the students would be strengthened by the Word of God and be full of faith, serving people with love in the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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