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September 2022
Issue No. 310

The Revd Franklin Lee installed as Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral ‘Conquering Fear by Faith’

(© 教聲/ ECHO)

‘Franklin On Yip Lee, accept this our shared responsibility in watching over the flock of God, and with all the congregation of this cathedral, walk towards the spreading of the gospel, the nurturing of believers, and the coming of the Lord’s kingdom, to the glory of his name. Amen.’

Thus blessed the bishops our newly made Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral on 11 June, as the Revd Frankie Lee took up his new responsibilities on the same day as Holy Trinity celebrated their 132th anniversary. The day also marked our province’s first substantial service since the government’s easing of COVID restrictions on religious gatherings. Six of our current and retired bishops attended, along with clergy from different parishes within the province. Numerous congregants from St John’s Cathedral was also present, since before becoming dean, Revd Frankie was a chaplain at St John’s.

The dean-designate was presented by the diocesan synod’s general secretary the Revd Richard Tsang, the chancellor Mr Chow Siu-Ngor, the executive secretary the Revd Dr Eric Lau, and a representative of the congregation Mr Yeung Chun-Keung. Bishop Timothy presided over the service, and affirmed by questions Frankie’s conviction to the holy word and the oath he took during ordination. Properly presented thus, the dean-designate took an oath of canonical obedience, vowing to commit himself to the responsibilities of being the Dean of Holy Trinity, and exercising the mission given to him by the bishop: by of the help of God, to spread the holy word, to care for the flock, and to be a witness to Christ by both word and deed.

Bishop Timothy then vested Revd Frankie with a decanal cope, and prayed for him. The bishop then led the dean-designate to the dean’s stall, and prayed again for the blessing of the Lord, that the Holy Spirit may lead and guide the new dean in his service to God and his people. After receiving his licence and the keys to the cathedral church, Revd Frankie was officially made the Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The symbols of ministry were then brought by members of the cathedral parish. They are the Bible, symbolising the duty of evangelism; water, bread, and wine, symbolising the duty of a shepherd and priest; holy oil, symbolising the duty of a healer and reconciler; and the diocesan constitution of canons of Eastern Kowloon, symbolising the unity in serving Christ within the diocese.

In his sermon, Dean Frankie looked back at his previous 10 years of service, and recalled how a sense of fear and unease crept up every time an important change was at hand. On his day of ordination, he remembered how he was still questioning himself, doubt if he could shoulder God’s call to take up holy orders. He feared the potential culture clash with the parishioners, and even considered running away from it all, ‘I’m sure you all know that I’m not a brave man, as I’m always finding ways to shirk from things!’

The Dean then continued his sermon giving thanks to the Lord that he did not run away. When he met his fears face to face, it was at the lowest point when he was graced with angels bearing encouragement, making him realise that what he is going through is exactly what the Lord intended for him. ‘What I experienced taught me that my duty and job are not things that I own myself, but rather things that I am meant to serve as part of God’s call for me. And as I turned my attention back to the will of our Lord, the fears in my heart dissipated. It was “faith” that made me walk again, out of that dark place.’

Dean Frankie continued, ‘We may hear the voices of fear frequently, and we may face rejection when we talk about our faith and evangelise, but this ministry of spreading the good word is the duty of all Christians. It is our reply to God’s love. Even when no mortals are there to listen, God is listening.’ The Dean mentioned that the Holy Trinity Church started likewise 132 years ago, when the clergy went around Kowloon City spreading the gospel. And today is the day that we all should take up the same duty, to walk out of our fears, into this world, and serve this community by the power of our ‘faith’, all to the glory of God most high.

The Dean’s installation marked the 12th anniversary of the cathedral and the 132nd anniversary of Holy Trinity Church. The hymn specially written for the church’s 100th anniversary was sung during the service, and Bishop Timothy gave thanks for the church’s 132 years of bearing witness to the gospel. The bishop prayed for the blessing of the Lord upon Holy Trinity’s congregation, that they may seek the Lord’s holy will and spread his good word, in imitation of Christ, and live and hope to the glory of his name, surpassing all dangers by his strength, and be granted the peace and joy that comes from above.


(© 教聲/ ECHO)

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