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December 2014
Issue No. 292

The Rt. Revd Dr. Timothy Chi-pei Kwok Enthroned as the Second Diocesan Bishop of Eastern Kowloon

The Consecration Service of the Revd Canon Dr. Timothy Chi-pei Kwok to the Holy Order of Bishop, presided by The Most Revd Dr. Paul Kwong, Archbishop and Primate of the Province, was held on 23rd November, 2014 – the Feast of Christ the King, at St. John’s Cathedral, Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong, at 4:30p.m.

The other consecrating bishops included the Most Revd Dr. Peter Kwong, Archbishop Emeritus, the Rt. Revd Andrew Chan, the Rt. Revd Thomas Soo and the Rt. Revd Louis Tsui from Hong Kong, the Most Revd Michael Jackson, the Most Revd Ephraim Fajutagana, the Most Revd Paul Keun-sang Kim, the Rt. Revd David Lai, the Rt. Revd Barry Beisner, the Rt. Revd Tim Harris, the Rt. Revd Moon-hing Ng, the Rt. Revd Melter Juki Tais and the Rt. Revd Jee-king Low from Dublin, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, California, Adelaide, West Malaysia, Sabah, Singapore respectively from the world wide Anglican Communion.

In his sermon, the Most Revd Dr. Peter Kwong, Archbishop Emeritus, said that, coincidentally the baptismal name of the Bishop-elect chi-pei is Timothy and therefore he would like to make use of the Second Lesson of the evening – St. Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy III: 14 – IV: 1-5 as the theme of his sermon. Archbishop Emeritus Peter, particularly quoted from the lesson: “proclaim the message; be persistent whether the time is favourable or unfavourable” and also “always be sober, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, carry out your ministry fully” and said that it seemed that St. Paul enriched Bishop Timothy’s mission and ministry with a treasured private copy of a rare book of his own.
Archbishop Emeritus Peter said when we proclaimed Christianity to people with no faith and tried our best to make them better understand the importance of God and led them to believe God through baptism was but a part of evangelization. In fact it should include “teaching” so as to make Christians and all people better understand God’s Words for they are unique and yet diverse. In order to lead people to live out the virtue of human life, Archbishop Emeritus Peter told Bishop Timothy “If you can follow St. Paul’s guidance, together with the ability granted to you by God and at the same time you walk with Jesus Christ, you are sure to achieve success for your ability will be redoubled.

Archbishop Emeritus Peter finally said although people nowadays often have the tendency to do at their own discretion, if we, the evangelists, in proclaiming God’s words with teaching, the whole situation will be changed and society will resume to its morality and the teaching of the Church can also really benefit the community. You will then become His good and faithful servant.”

After the Creed, the Provincial Chancellor, Dr. Moses Cheng, Canon Fonnie Wong, Mr. Wai-ki Woo, Mr. David Fok, the Ven Hing-lin Tang and the Revd Lai-ha Wong stood before the Presider and presented the Bishop-elect saying:

“Reverend Father, the clergy and people of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, have chosen Timothy Chi-pei Kwok to be the bishop and chief pastor. We therefore ask you to lay your hands upon him and in the power of the Holy Spirit to consecrate him bishop in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.”

The Parliamentarian, Mr. Siu-ngor Chow and the Secretary of the Diocesan Synod, the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, Mr. Man Lai said together when they presented the Testimonial of Election:
“In the Diocese Synod of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, on the 30th day of March, in the year 2014, the Revd Canon Dr. Timothy Chi-pei Kwok was, in accordance with the canons of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, elected Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon and we furthermore declare that we believe him to be a man well learned and godly, wise and virtuous, fit to bear the office of a Bishop to the glory of God and the edifying of the Holy Catholic Church, and to be a wholesome example to the flock of Christ.”

Requested by the Presider, the Bishop-elect made the following Declaration:

“In the Name of the father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I, Timothy Chi-pei Kwok, chosen bishop of the Church in Eastern Kowloon, solemnly declare that I believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the Word of God and to contain all things necessary to salvation, and I solemnly promise to conform to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.”

Immediately, he signed the above Declaration in the sight of all present.

The Examination
After the Litany, the Hymn: Come Holy Ghost, our inspire, was sung. At that time, all consecrating Bishops proceeded to the chancel steps and gathered around the Presider then said:

"God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Father of mercies and God of all comfort, dwelling on high but having regard for the lowly, knowing all things before they come to pass: We give you thanks that from the beginning you have gathered and prepared a people to be heirs of the covenant of Abraham, and have raised up prophets, kings and priests, never leaving your temple untended. We praise you also that from the creation you have graciously accepted the ministry of those whom you have chosen.”

The Presider and all the Consecrating Bishops laid their hands upon the head of the Bishop-elect who was still kneeling and said together:

“Therefore, Father, make Timothy Chi-pei Kwok bishop in your Church. Pour out upon him the power of your primely Spirit, whom you bestowed upon your beloved Son Jesus Christ, with whom he endowed the apostles, and by whom your Church is built up in every place, to the glory and unceasing praise of your Name.”

The Presider remained seated while all the consecrating Bishop returned to their seats. The new Bishop was still kneeling in front of the Presider who presented to the new Bishop a Bible, placed a ring on the fourth finger of the right hand of the new Bishop.

At that moment, the new Bishop was, by the assistance of his chaplains, robed with cope. The Presider placed on the head of the new Bishop a mitre. Finally the Presider gave the new Bishop the Crozier.
The new Bishop stood up. The Presider then presented him to the people and said:

“We declare that Timothy Chi-pei Kwok is Bishop in the Church of God, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

All responded in a loud voice,

Amen. Thanks be to God.
A fanfare was sounded and bells were rung. All applauded. The Presider led the new Bishop to the seat prepared for him.

Then came the Celebration of the Eucharist the con-celebrants were all the Consecrating Bishops and the priests present.

The Enthronement

The Enthronement of the Second Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, the Rt. Revd Dr. Timothy Chi-pei Kwok took place on Monday, 23rd November, 2014, at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ma Tau Chung Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon at the Evensong, the following day of his being consecrated to the Holy Order of Bishop.

Sounding the bell and drum

After the singing of the hymn: Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones, all turned and faced the west door of the Cathedral. Outside the closed door, The Rt. Revd Dr. Timothy Chi-pei Kwok knocked, with his crozier, on the door three times. Having heard the knocks, the welcoming part composed of the Dean, the Very Revd Dr. Hin-cheung Chan, Chaplains, Canons and Lay Representatives of the Cathedral asked, “Who comes in the name of the Lord?”

Bishop replied “I, Timothy Chi-pei Kwok, by divine permission elected and consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, ask for the prayers of all people in the diocese and request that you will hear our petition to be canonically inducted, installed and enthroned in this Cathedral Church according to law and holy custom, and that you will do all things necessary.”

The Representatives said, “In the Name of God and of the clergy and people of this diocese we are most willing so to do.”

Then, the Dean, the Very Revd Dr. Hin-cheung Chan aftering having said, “In the Name of God and of this Cathedral, its Canons and Council I bid you enter this Cathedral Church.” He opened the door and the Welcoming Party led Bishop Timothy and his Chaplain to the chancel.

Bishop Timothy, handed the Letter of Consecration to the Representatives after he had said, “I, Timothy Chi-pei Kwok, by divine permission Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, petition to be induced, installed and enthroned with full Episcopal rights in this Cathedral Church, and in real and actual possession of Bishopric of Eastern Kowloon with all rights, members and appurtenances thereunto belonging.”

The Dean, the Very Revd Dr. Hin-cheung Chan and the Representative said in one voice:
“Right Reverend Father in God, in the name of the clergy and laity of this diocese, and acting accordance with these letters, we do acknowledge you as our lawful Bishop and Father in God.”
Bishop Timothy, facing the congregation said,

“I, Timothy Chi-pei Kwok, by divine permission Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, do solemnly promise that I will faithfully observe the laws and customs of this Cathedral Church, and that I will teach and maintain the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and the doctrine and discipline of His Church as accepted and acknowledged in this diocese. I also declare that I assent to the Canons and Constitution of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, and I agree to govern this diocese according to this Constitution with truth, justice, and charity, not lording it over God’s heritage, but showing myself in all things an example to the flock. So help me God.”

After the Creed, the Dean, the Very Revd Dr. Hin-cheung Chan handed the pastoral staff to Bishop Timothy and said:

“Take this crozier that bears the sign of your pastoral office: keep watch over the whole flock in which the Holy Spirit has placed you as Bishop to govern the Church of God, as it was said in the Consecration Service.”

The Dean and the Clergy and the Lay Representatives stood by Bishop Timothy, all facing the congregation. The Dean said, “We present to you Timothy Chi-pei Kwok, your undoubted bishop, duly enthroned. Give him your loyalty and affection, keep him in your prayers, and bid him welcome in the Name of the Lord.”

The congregation responded in a loud voice

“We bid you welcome in the Name of the Lord.”

Bishop Timothy then sat in the Cathedra and a fanfare of trumpets at once heralded the installation of the new bishop.

After the singing of the hymn, Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, Bishop Timothy delivered his homily.
In his homily, Bishop Timothy said humorously: “There comes a priest from ‘Castle Peak’ to join, from today, the pastoral corps in the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon!” He continued and said that ever since he was chosen as Bishop-elect, he was often asked by people what visions he did perceive. To this, he thought that if in lack of visions the diocese would miss its direction. The Bible said “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Bishop Timothy said that ‘Bishops’ who are of Apostolic Succession are well equipped with the abundance of Church traditions. Therefore, what the disciples in the past had sought for the visions might give him great help.

Bishop Timothy again said that as visions are the revelation of God, they would be completed by God. “What duty I have to perform is but to follow God’s will and arrangement to achieve to success. Whether or not we can complete the task entrusted to us by God, it depends entirely on God’s grace granted to us.

Bishop Timothy said frankly, after he was chosen he tried to calm himself down in order to listen to the soft voice of God so as to seek His visions. He stressed that he hoped all people in the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon would work collaborately with the same heart and will and try their very best to complete the mission God has entrusted to them. He once again mentioned as the visions come from God and God will complete His visions. In other words, as God has already had His plan, He will have His way to guide us to solve any problem or whatever difficulties confronted us. Bishop Timothy said that St. Paul once said by the grace of God “my strength was made perfect in weakness!”

To conclude his homily, Bishop Timothy said to his people of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon all of us are insufficient in ability and capability. Therefore we must not criticize the others or compare with each other. Instead, we should support one another and above all pray to God to grant us His abundant grace. Hence God’s gifts and miracle will appear to the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon. This is, indeed, the most magnificent perspective!

Special guests attending the ceremony included: Elder Xian-wei Fu, Chairman of the Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, John Cardinal Tong, Joseph Cardinal Zen. Bishop Michael Ming-cheng Yeung, Bishop Stephen Bun-shing Lee and Bishop Joseph Chi-shing Ha from the Roman Catholic  Diocese of Hong Kong. The Revd Kam-cheong Po, Secretary-General of the Church of Christ in China, the Revd Dr. Simon Chow, Head of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Prof. Victor W.K. Chan, President of Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prof Fuk-tsang Ying, Head of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and many others.

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